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Create Your Own Sandwich or Wrap


Honey whole wheat, sourdough, jalapeno cheddar, marble rye, focaccia or french roll. Spinach or sundried tomato tortilla. Choice of turkey, ham, roast beef, salami or tuna with your choice of cheese, spreads and lettuce, onion, pickles and tomato

Bread Choice:Wheat Sourdough Jalapeno Cheddar Marble Rye Focaccia +$1.50French Roll Spinach Wrap Sundried Tomato Tortilla Wrap Gluten Free Bread
Create Your Own Protein Choice:Turkey Ham Roast Beef Salami Tuna Egg Salad Vegan Turkey +$1Chicken Bacon +$2.29Vegan Bacon +$1
Side Choice:House Made Chips Pasta Salad Potato Salad Fruit Salad Soup of the Day +$2Green Salad with ranch or italian +$2.50Applesauce No Side
Choice of Cheese:Cheddar Swiss Pepper Jack Harvarti Provolone Vegan +$0.70
Choice of Produce:Lettuce Tomato Red Onion Pickle Spinach Pepperocini
Choice of Spreads:Mayo Pesto Mayo Chipotle Mayo Yellow Mustard Spicy Brown Mustard Vegan Mayo Hummus Avocado +$1.89
Panini Extras:Add Avocado +$1.89Add Bacon +$2.29Add Vegan Bacon +$2.29Add Vegan Turkey +$4Double Meat +$5Side of Ranch +$112 oz Soup +$3.99Sub Vegan Turkey +$1Sub Vegan Bacon +$1Extra Cheese +$0.70Sub Gluten Free Bread or Wrap +$0.00